I was looking for a simple braid that I had not done before and was getting discouraged until I came across this one.  It is so simple and so pretty.  You can make it as messy or elegant as you want by how you handle the strands when braiding.  Good Luck, and have fun with it!!!

Braided updo tutorial when my hair gets longer again I am so doing this

Easy summer hair-do. I like it! But my hair would take a ton of bobby pins to keep up

Begin with three regular three strand braids, wrap with clear elastic. Loosely braid all three strands together in a regular three strand braid, wrap with clear elastic Roll the braid up, hiding the tail, and secure.

This feels like a flash back!  We always did the upside down French braid in jr high lol!  I like it now for some interest and texture

French braid upside down. Bend over and start the French braid at the nape of your neck versus your forehead. It's pretty simple if you are proficient at French braids.---I NEED to learn how to french braid!

An Infinity Braid Tutorial That’s Much Easier Than It Looks

Infinity braided bun - easy, detailed, triple braided, infinity braid, bun (with tutorial)

Day 22 – Messy high Twist and Pin hairstyle

30 braids in 30 days A twist on the french twist. Day 22 of the Hair Romance hairstyle challenge - Messy high twist and pin chignon Long bob.

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Tie your hair into cute little bows. Do tiny sections, or do the whole Lady Gaga whole bunch of hair on top of your head in a bow? EITHER WAY- this is totally fucking cute!

DIY Interwoven Braid... Going to try on my sisters beautiful long hair... :)

15 Peinados paso a paso estilo Princesa de Disney ¿Y si hacemos un peinado?

DIY Interwoven Braid Tutorial by OnceWed - Saje Sandhu

Directions: split hair, as if you would to make pigtails. Braid away from your face. Tie into knot and pin loose ends. Must try!

10 Buns For Those With Short Hair

Part hair down center. Braid each pigtail back away from face. Tie braids in a knot. Bobby-pin loose ends. I also tie hair in a knot without braiding it.

Ducklings In A Row - Hair + DIY Tutorials: Hair Tutorial: The Stay-Put Braided Headband

This is a great tutorial! Hair + DIY Tutorials: Hair Tutorial: The Stay-Put Braided Headband