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bhah...ok, maybe not really for kids...but a great learning tool...

This is a fun little card game for extra work with homophones. Can be used during centers with anywhere from 2-6 players.

Here is a way to practice the easily confused homophones Your and You're. Includes two worksheets and a quiz. Thanks for looking!...

This is a set of homophone word cards great to use as a center. Students practice reading and matching them. They practice dictionary skills by looking up the definitions of the words and they write sentences.

Some words sound the same but are actually spelled very differently! They are called homophones, and here is a short list of some really common ones.

homophone chart -- students get a pair of pears and have to choose a homophone pair to use in a sentence and illustrate!

This site is ideal for an elementary teacher that is teaching homophones. I want to be an elementary teacher and I think by using a game it would help the kids get more involved in the learning.

This is a unit that would help students with homophones. Knowing the difference between sale/sail, two/to board/bored, etc is very important!