The excavations of the ancient city of Kibyra in the southwestern province of Burdur, known for its history of gladiators, were completed last week. Şükrü Özdoğru, an archeologist working in the city, said they had found a new odeon, roads and mosaics in the city. The team also restored the ancient city’s walls and some of the buildings and excavated an ancient water system in the city, which shows the lifestyle of the society that lived there.

Ancient Roman Mosaic

Ancient Mosaic

ancient mosaics

Ancient mosaic.

ancient mosaic

Ancient mosaic in Sardis Turkey

Ishtar Gate from ancient Mesopotamia, now in the Berlin Museum.

Ancient Rome: Supercity from History Channel

Ancient Greek mosaic recently uncovered in Zeugma, Turkey, 2000 years old.

Roman mosaic unearthed in the ancient city of Zeugma (Southern Turkey) before the site was flooded due the construction of a huge dam on the Euphrates river

Archaeologists discovered three unique mosaics at the Ancient Greek city of Zeugma, in south Turkey, near the borders of Syria. - See more at:

Beautiful! Ancient Roman mosaic. Having put these together as an archaeologist, I wouldn't want to have been the one working on this one. So intricate!

Mask of Achelous (Greek: Ἀχελῷος Achelōos) on a Roman mosaic in the ancient city of Zeugma within the modern Gaziantep Province.

Papyrus fragment with lines from Homer's Odyssey, Early Ptolemaic, 285–250 BC

A Byzantine mosaic depicting a bird on the floor of the Great Basilica in the ancient city of Heraclea Lyncestis near Bitola, Macedonia Stock Photo

Detail of mosaic, Herculaneum...slight color shade changes make it look as though the wall is rippled.

Mona Lisa of Galilee”, from the 3rd century city of Sepphoris, in what was then Roman Palestine. She is part of a large mosaic - whose main subject is Dionysus - which decorates the triclinium floor in a grand villa.

Incredibly detailed Roman portrait mosaic in the Museo di Capodimonte from the city of Pompeii. Found in the cubiculum of a house, this unique floor mosaic portrays a young woman of a rich family - probably the domina of the house, as indicated by the jewelry and the dress.

Dandara Pillars, Egypt 1 by off2africa, via Flickr

Columns from Pompeii - Naples, Archaeological Museum