Pinterest • The world’s catalog of ideas • Still life with persimmons, blue bottle and light blue drapery on wooden table in kitchen. • Fruit still life with fresh oranges and lemons in metal vase, and pink grapes, old book and tall glass pitcher on wooden table • Fruits still life with blue teapot and glass of green tea balancing with cherries on wooden background lighted by daylight in country house on sunny day in summer

Sweet Melon And Muscat Grapes Print by Nikolay Panov Fruit still life photography with sweet slices of melon, pink and golden muscat grapes in glass vase, peaches and pitcher on tabletop covered by white folded drapery in interior decoration with light blue background Fruits still life with plenty of red currant stems with bright red berries in white pitcher and green fresh apples lying on brown wooden table in countryside in summer

Green Pitcher And Black Currants Print by Nikolay Panov rustic still life photography with green pitcher, ancient basket full of black currants and old torn towel hanging on the wall in country house in July in summer • Minimalistic still life with single faded rose in blue vase staying on white plates.