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Connor Franta

Connor Franta is perfect.


Can we talk about how Con is the selfie king?

con da bon

connor on

con da bon

Connor Franta flying to Minnesota. OMG, LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Connor Franta heading to Minnesota


McCoy McCoy Franta is this the real connor franta

Connor needs to not.

LOL my friend thinks Connor franta is cute!

Connor Franta

Connor Franta - Our Life -

connor franta and frantastic image on We Heart It

Connor smiles at the ground as if he doesn't know he's beautiful

Connor Franta, I am so damn proud of you. you made a decision that was right for you and i will support you everyday.


Connor Franta is a gorgeous human being

Connor Franta (the brunette one) !!!!!!!! Now officially one of my favorite Youtubers XDDDD

Tyler Oakley and Conner Franta, Tyler doesn't have blue hair?

Ughh. Stop connor

Stop connor

Tyler Oakley & Connor Franta // edit by @berniund

Tyler Oakley & Connor Franta holy fuck they fiiiiiiine

connor franta is one of my favorite youtubers!

Connor, you are awesome !

Connor Franta x

Connor Franta