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Sleep positions and pain management - I was fortunate enough to figure this out for myself a long time ago, though in my case, I have to sleep on my right side because of shoulder pain.

Chronic illness rsd crps. What life is like with Chronic Pain. Life with CRPS. Pain.RSD/CRPS November Awareness Month. Please stand for the vision of love, and wear orange for the month of November!!! RSD/CRPS is a neurological disease with pain as its first symptom, and skin and muscle dystrophy. It is more painful than childbirth, cancer, and amputation. Don't let those with this disease fight it alone, #standforthevisionoflove. #wearorangeinnovember #mymomisaspoonie @Darcy


Understanding Pain anatomy poster


Recovery day when living with chronic pain. This is so hard to come to terms with, especially when people in your life don't understand and nag you.

Chronic pain is chronic..... --- Most people cannot tell if a person has a chronic pain illness simply by looking at them. It is an "invisible" disability that people deal with everyday. Many people who do not feel the first-hand effects of chronic pain do not understand what is being dealt with.