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Music Problems Des-Chan ~ the guy in front of me gave me the dirty look and he doesn't even play the violin!

Submitted by: just-livin-life-as-it-goes I’m Fundraising for an elementary school music program that lost everything in a wildfire. Please see This Post for more information!

Pinner: Music is a great that helps bring people together. We hoped that by making this rap video we would get people to laugh and smile. There's nothing better than bringing a smile to someone's face, especially before the holidays.

Violin problems- I went to a concert with some in and I had to take them out and lay them on the floor when it was time to play... never again

What instrument should you play?

Ik heb deze afbeelding gekozen omdat het duidelijk maakt dat muziek je leven je hartslag is!❤️ More

Married to the music "I DO I DO! After all we've been through! Music kept me alive! My songs are my lifeline my words are my soul! For better or for worse I will never let go! Married to the music and in love the feeling! Nothing beats the sorrow like a singing and screaming! A ring around my finger and a cross on my neck! In sickness! In health! Take my heart and the air in my lunges! Shout my vows till the morning comes!"