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Cypinax steroid an testosterone injectable steroid .Cypionax its genuine life in the human body is about 15 to 16 days. So interested bodybuilders apply this steroids in your body.

Body Research Co. Ltd. Thailand has come up with an anabolic and androgenic steroid named Cypionax 200mg Body Research. The suggested dosage of this steroid is 250 to 800mg for men on a weekly basis.

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The dosage of Testolic 100 Body Research that is considered as effective enough is 150mg to 450mg in every two or three days for men. Unlike any other testosterone steroids, testolic is a faster acting one that is why a frequent dosage schedule is required. It is considered as the most preferential steroid in women body builders. This very drug is capable of gaining body strength and muscle mass.

Testosterone Enanthate is mainly steroid Hormone ,the prime male androgen in the body, and as such still the best possible mass builder in the world.

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Testosterone Enanthate Irania 250mg/1amp is an oil based injectable steroid. The main ingredient of this steroid is testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone which ensures the physical qualities in men. There is a tendency in testosterone hormone to turn into estrogen that may develop few female qualities in men. Taking testosterone injection once in a week or in two weeks is preferred with a dosage of 250mg to 750mg. More information - http://goo.gl/q7zSOq

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