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  • Gerald Levert

    A lot of people might think this is cute but - once again - this is a WILD animal.

  • Andy Cutler

    Artist: Pieter Hugo Subject: Dayaba Usman with the monkey Clear, Nigeria, 2005 From the series The Hyena and Other Men (Nigerians who have trained highly unusual animals hyenas, monkeys, etc. as pets)

  • drunk xerox

    Pieter Hugo's Photographs Of Africa At The Hague Museum (PHOTOS)

  • Teresa Carder

    Pet monkey///Pets don't wear chains

  • MILK Books

    Dayaba Usman with the Monkey, Clear, Nigeria, 2005, by Pieter Hugo "Mostly, I am not particularly interested in conveying the actual truth about a person – and I would be extremely distrustful if that was someone’s intention. But a portrait can definitely convey some kind of emotive experience, or ecstatic experience, and some level of identification and catharsis that one experiences in relation to the portrait." #photowisdom #pieterhugo

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Olive Baboon (Also Called the Anubis Baboon) ~ Seronera, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, East Africa

Africa | 'Ethiopian mountain king'. Posing on a cliff edge high up in Ethiopia's Simien Mountains (geladas are found only in Ethiopia), he and the rest of the band are about to retire to their sleeping ledges. In the evening light, his mane appears like a golden shawl. | © Caption and image Joe McDonald

Baboon - wow - what a look on his face....makes you stop and think...why are we not protecting these wonderful beings....

"Baboons 'United' " | Photographer: Mario Moreno, Cabarceno Wildlife Park in Cantabria, Spain, 2012

Baboons are opportunistic omnivores, known to eat a wide variety of both plant matter and small animals. Fruits, seeds, tough roots and flowers make up the bulk of their diet, along with insects, eggs, lizards and rodents. However, their large size and power also means that they sometimes hunt and kill larger prey such as young Gazelles.

Africa | Gelada Baboon. Ethiopian Simien Mountains | © Witold Osko