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    • Andy Cutler

      Artist: Pieter Hugo Subject: Dayaba Usman with the monkey Clear, Nigeria, 2005 From the series The Hyena and Other Men (Nigerians who have trained highly unusual animals hyenas, monkeys, etc. as pets)

    • Doron Nuni

      south africa pets - Google Search

    • Teresa Carder

      Pet monkey///Pets don't wear chains

    • MILK Books

      Dayaba Usman with the Monkey, Clear, Nigeria, 2005, by Pieter Hugo "Mostly, I am not particularly interested in conveying the actual truth about a person – and I would be extremely distrustful if that was someone’s intention. But a portrait can definitely convey some kind of emotive experience, or ecstatic experience, and some level of identification and catharsis that one experiences in relation to the portrait." #photowisdom #pieterhugo

    • Kees van der Graaf

      Dayaba Usman with his monkey , Nigeria , 2005 | Photography : Pieter Hugo

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