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his body should be illegal for women, it could make us do very bad things.

Cam Gigandet: Shirtless hot/bbrbr Hes the bad boy Volchok who got Marissa killed on The O., but were not holding that against Twilights latest eye candy.

Luke Bryan in his hunting attire... I'm in love... Thanks @Allison j.d.m j.d.m Bolton

Luke Bryan in his hunting attire. I'm in love.there is something very sexy about a man and his crossbow

The ending really hit me. It's so sad. I'm really crying. It really hurt when I read the ending.( << I legit got tears right now. It's making me cry.<<<<I'm not the kinda person who cries, but this hit me on an emotional level

Lace, that one aspect of fashion that builds intrigue, flowing beauty showcasing the delicate nature of pure craftsmanship.

lace long sleeve shirt and tight short summer fashion for ladies. with this freaking shirt, and the shorts are cute too, but I hate when girls wear shorts with the pockets hanging out the bottom of them!