Swedish tree hotel

Tree Hotel

Double story tree house.

Treehouse dreaming...

Treehouse dreaming...

Green Hotel

UNUSUAL HOTEL ROOM IN SWEDEN- The Bird’s nest is built on the contrasts between the outside and inside. The treeroom’s exterior is nothing but a gigantic bird’s nest. It gives a camouflage so you quickly disappear and become part of the surroundings. The interior, on the other hand, is familiar and exclusive. It’s a spacious environment where a family with two children can comfortably spread out. The walls are clad with wood panels and the windows almost disappear in the exterior...

Woodland mansion

treehotel in north sweden (that looks like a shipping container to meee....)

The Yellow Tree House by Pacific Environment Architects is built around a redwood tree 40 meters high and 1.7 meters in diameter at its base. Located north of Auckland in New Zealand, the tree house restaurant is made of plantation poplar slats and was built as a marketing promotion for New Zealand Yellow Pages.

Stilt house, from Tiny House Blog.

Summer cabin, Stockholm

Cool guest houses

Mountain Hill Cabin by Fantastic Norway

UNUSUAL HOTEL ROOM - The Blue Cone - The Blue Cone is based on simplicity and accessibility, both in terms of material and design. The room is a traditional wooden structure with three foundations in the ground to give a sense of height and lightness, but also stability. You access the room via a bridge from the nearby mountain. The bridge is well suited for people with disabilities. The exterior consists of laminated birch wood, the interior of timber. The treeroom is 22m² and has four b...

Guest house? :)

i'd never worry about a flood :)

Hmmm, the perfect retreat for the soul. The silence, a mountain and nature, nothing more needed.

Cabin in Finland.