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  • Brandon

    silhouette, reflection, repeating pattern and sunset... photography gold. - Love it

  • Donna Craig

    A hot air balloon ride is on my bucket list!

  • Cindy Waters

    Hot air balloons | Gorgeous! | See the 21 other Striking Silhouette Pictures in the source

  • The Pretender Lives

    The Pretender Lives! Hot air balloon ride with sunset Lumiere... Ombre.... Magnifique #ThePretender #ThePretenderLives #JarodWasHere #LifesAGift #hotairballoons

  • Taylor Haire

    I dream of going on a hot air balloon ride one day

  • Kristen Campbell

    Hot air balloon silhouette. Beautiful!!!

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There's just something so magical about them! Loved them since childhood :)

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Congelar el movimiento. Algo que todos siempre hemos querido hacer :P A tener en cuenta: 1- Usa velocidades altas, de mas de 1/120. 2- Es bueno usar aperturas de diafragma medias, entre f/5 y f/8. 3- En estos casos es el ISO quien equilibra la luz de tu foto. Usa el que mas te convenga. 4- Usa flash, sea el de tu camara o uno remoto, suele ir buen con este tipo de fotos.

Psalm 19 The heavens are declaring the glory of God; The skies above proclaim the work of his hands. 2 Day after day their speech bubbles forth, And night after night they reveal knowledge. 4 But into all the earth their sound has gone out, And to the ends of the inhabited earth their message. In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the sun; 6 It emerges from one end of the heavens, And it circles to their other end; And nothing is concealed from its heat.

something so incredibly romantic about this

76 Stars and Stripes, Red, White, & Blue Hot Air Balloon Dipping in Prospect Lake, Memorial Park, Colorado Balloon Classic