love poem- posted for Dave. You are the best thing that ever happen to me. After 40 years of marriage I still marvel at what a good man you are! I am truly blessed and so were our kids.

Exactly my life right now

For my daughter... I love you :)

This reminds me of my husband! so thankful for him and our first year of a happy marriage!! :)

It's funny how vows can almost always be directed towards your best friends as well. Isn't God beautiful in giving us the desire for best friends in all forms of life?

He is always in my heart, forever! And no other man will ever ever ever get my whole heart because he has it and I'll never get it back. And I'm quite ready to give him the rest of my heart, what scares me is what he'll do with it....I'm scared he gave it back to me and never wants it back.

For the both of us we are a unstoppable team you and I. There isn't anything we can't do. Together we are strong.

I've been accused of being un-romantic, but this perfectly sums up why I believe falling in love with your eyes wide open is the REAL way to fall in love.

Love Poems

It takes effort, but you're worth it.<3 sweety This is so true I want you in my life for ever xxx if you want to stay that is.

What happiness is.

The Vow

Wonderful words

I didn't think it was possible. But it is the greatest feeling in the world! LOVE

Nicholas Sparks


About being in love...

...and neither one of us would change the past even if we could ;-) God worked it all together for our good <3