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Chinese purple clay yixing teapot. with mark at the base and inside the lid. 14cm wide.14,2cm high. Good condition with two small chipped at the lid

Chinese Teapot.

Bohemian teapot in polymer clay


Vintage Yixing Clay Teapot

Vintage Chinese Yixing Teapot

I LOVE this teapot.


Red Chinese Teapot


Vintage chinese unglazed teapot. yixing teapot

This octagonal medium-size teapot is 100% handmade with clay. It is unglazed and delicately detailed with a mythical elephant on the lid, elephant face and trunk as the spout, and elephant trunk texture as the handle. Elephant usually represent strength and astuteness. This teapot can be perceived as Yixing-inspired clay teapot that was first handcrafted by a monk during Zhengde Emperor (1502-1521) in Yixing, China. This precious item is a must-have collectible for antique and pottery enthusiasts because of its whimsicality, although one can brew Black or Oolong tea for two to relive the ancient era. Size: Medium Colour: Brown (Mahogany) Dimensions: 17.8cm (width) x 10.5cm (base) x 9.5cm (height) Weight: 318g Additional Tips: Handwash only Decorative Tableware Free of lead and toxins Perfect as an antique collectible / gift


Chinese Teapot

Chinese teapot

purple clay chinese teapot

Yixing teapot

Turquoise Teapot



Vintage Hand-crafted Oriental Yixing Clay Teapot - Koi Pond (16 oz)