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Too tired. Don't have time. It's too cold. Can't find a sports bra. Whatever your excuse, these motivational quotes are the antidote to skipping your workout. Some of these quotes might be familiar, others not — regardless, they will get you moving.

What I Know For Sure

The older I get the less I know for sure. But there are still a few things. Here are five things I know for sure. Right now.

Sole Sister Running Tank Top. Super comfy fit and a beautiful design celebrating a friend like no other, a sole sister.

TheMotivatedType on Etsy

The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do. So let's get to work, ladies!

Womens Pullover Race Day Workout Hoodie. Crushing the Whole Thirteen Point One. Running Burnout Hoody. Half Marathon Shirt.

I'm pushing myself everyday to live a healthy lifestyle and the results have been amazing! My dream is to compete in the Tour de France<3 to push myself that hard and be able to make it that far in my cycling career would be the ultimate dream come true!

You know you're a runner if... your first thought when you look at the weekly weather forecast is how it is going to effect your runs