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    Women were the front for the prohibition. they grew tired of alcohol after being mistreated by their drunken spouses for so long.

    Source: Picture Date: 1920 During the 1920's the women's group fought for prohibition. Because there was non alcohol, people were desperate. Illegal rum called "Bootleg Booze" was being made. Elegant private clubs "Speakeasies" were beginning to appear. Speakeasies were illicit liquor shops. Drug dealers were making lots of money by filling prescriptions of alcohol as a tonic. Some men made fortunes by smuggling booze to and fro the USA.

    1920s prohibition posters


    1920s prohibition posters: In 1920, Prohibition goes into effect with the passage of the 18th Amendment. Organized crime started to gain momentum as Mobsters such as Al Capone and Dutch Schultz began importing illegal alcohol and selling it to a public more than willing to break the law. An age of outlaw glamour and speakeasies continued for almost a decade.

    1920s prohibition posters This is another poster about prohibition. I chose it because it asks a great question. Are people willing to spend money on alcohol or on soldiers at war.

    Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone (January 17, 1899 - January 25, 1947), commonly nicknamed Scarface, was an Italian American gangster who led a crime syndicate dedicated to the smuggling and bootlegging of liquor and other illegal activities during the Prohibition Era of the 1920s and 1930s.

    Vintage poster on safety

    Prohibition: flappers drink bootleg alcohol, 1925

    1920s italian mafia | mobsters.jpg smokey handshake image by smokeyniteowls22


    Protesters march during prohibition, Chicago 1920s

    An anti-Prohibition button, protesting the 18th amendment ban on alcohol sales. Prohibition was repealed in December 1933. - #history #politics

    women organized for prohibition, due to violence & lack of independent rights, & then organized for repeal

    Screw Prohibition - 1920's

    The straw dog of "outside agitators" -- "Alabama is a good place for good negroes to live in, but it is a bad place for negroes who believe in SOCIAL EQUALITY." - From an Alabama Ku Klux Klan poster, 1930's.


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