Now this is a beautiful treehouse!

Treehouses : To live close to nature is a dream many have. Here are some interesting photos of houses built around and on top of trees.


Tree house has been a part of everyone’s childhood fascination or imagination. Be it getting inspired from a story book or a comic hero, we tend to fantasize tree houses during our childhood.

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Image result for tree houses

7 Cool Tree House Hotels - vacation dreaming. I think i will skip the one with no running water.

Adventure awaits at these cozy tree house lodges around the world for those willing to branch out.

Beautiful. Bet the view is worth the workout :)

Look! 13 Tremendous Tree Houses

The Spiral House (Rambouillet Forest, France) the builders chose to wind the spiral staircase around the trunk instead of chopping branches

Fancy Tree House

Tree house, and then some. This just takes the fun out of the type of " true tree house" I grew up climbing into. What ever happened to letting the kids have fun in their pint sized trees house?

Tree Top Treasures

TreeHouse Workshop, Located in Seattle, builders specializing in treehouse design and tree house construction for adults and kids

Hope I have a lot of huge trees in my dream house's yard! =)

Outa the Woods Treehouse in British Columbia