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The Walking Dead cast just gave the best interview EVER at Comic Con

"The Walking Dead" Cast Gave The Best Interview, Ever

God I want to get licked by Norman

I ship Daryl and Carol over Daryl and Beth any day. Carol is the first, only, and original! its carol and tobin hahahahah!


Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun, Scott Wilson, Danai Gurira, and…


Love My Life, Chandler Riggs, Saga, Polyvore, Natural, Ps, Gorgeous Eyes, So Cute, Livros

TV Guide magazine

Wallpaper and background photos of Lincoln and Reedus ~ TV Guide Magazine for fans of The Walking Dead images.

Be still my heart!!!

Be still my heart!!!

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead. Carl Started With Cute Chubby Cheeks. Now He Is A Tall Young Man With Long Hair And Those Cute Chubby Cheeks Are Gone. Time Does Fly! Chandler time line aha