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On the stela, Isis speaks and recounts that while she and Horus were still hiding in the marshes, the child became ill. In her despair, she cried for help to the "Boat of Eternity" (the sun boat in which the god travels over the sky), "and the sun disk stopped opposite her and did not move from his place." Thoth was sent from the sun boat to help Isis and cured Horus by reciting a catalogue of spells. The spells always ended with the phrase "and the protection of the afflicted as well."

Coffin set of Henettawy, Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 21, reign of Psusennes I, ca. 1040–992 B.C. Egyptian; From Deir el-Bahri, western Thebes Gessoed and painted wood

Celts - spouted bronze flagon. Waldealgesheim, Germany. About 320 BC. This flagon had been a heirloom before placing in the grave. Its surface were decorated in a somewhat earlier style. The zone consisting of regular arrangements of individual motifs were characteristic of this early style.