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DIY Body Wrap... lose up to 1-2 inches a night! Perfect for someone who wants to lose a few before a big event!

Absolutely 100% organic - detox your waistline, minimize that cellulite, and get a facial at the same time! Host a party, call or text me for individuals and lets get going! You will LOVE these! Do your own in the privacy of home when you want to see results! Its a GREAT product and the results are amazing and wont break the bank!

bestfitnessbody.b... Did you know that you can make a body wrap at home for around nine bucks worth of ingredients? At home body wraps work by drawing toxins and fluid...

Honey Yogurt Body Wrap 4 c plain yogurt, 2 c honey, 2 cups aloe vera, 8-10 drops lavender % rose oils. Apply and wrap body with plastic wrap. Leave 30 min and rinse.

Hollywood body wraps to lose inches are all the craze. But did you know you can make a body wrap at home for a fraction of the cost? What??????

Wrap Yourself Slim - Body Wraps Exposed!

Always a "do it at home" person, this is just one of the ways to save literally hundreds of dollars. I ordered clay for less than $20 bucks and have enough to last 5 or 6 wraps. "winning!" LOL

At home body too can look like an idiot in the comfort of your own home. :D

D.I.Y Body Wrap gotta try.. to tighten. up my bod

A homemade body wrap can be a wonderful way to treat yourself as well as having plenty of other health and beauty benefits. But you don't have to pay the exorbitant costs of a spa treatment when you can make your own body wrap at home.

DIY Body Wrap!!!! Know the ingredients and just plastic wrap it and sleep it off. Good luck