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Body Wraps


How to Make Body Wrap Slimming Gel

by Kimbry Parker
A body wrap treatment involves applying a blend of natural ingredients to the skin, wrapping the body with warm cloths and relaxing for about an hour as the mixture becomes absorbed. Many salons and spas offer slimming body wraps, even though the weight-loss claims are unproven. But what they can de...
  • Michelle Develder

    Body Wrap Recipe definitely trying this!

  • LaDonna Stripling

    Body Wrap Slimming Gel Recipe for Dry or Oily Skin....It can certainly help to exfoliate and hydrate your skin, and it may possibly help to reduce weight and get rid of toxins....Try it at home...kur spa nyc

  • Christina Nnoli

    DIY Body Wrap Recipe.

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Tightening skin during/after weightloss.

Postpartum skin tightener 3 Gelcaps Evening Primrose Oil 1tbsp Vitamin E Oil 1/2 Cup used Coffee grounds glade cling wrap Wear for 30 Mins atleast 2x Daily

Cellulite Body Wrap....check out the site, has some great recipes for some good old at home spa treatments!

At home, 'Wrap Yourself Slim' Body Wrap, joys of living with my best friend, she can wrap me :) @Kaileen McNulty

How to do your own Body Wrap at home-video...squeeze that water out!

Learn how to make your own body wrap with Vitamin E oil and Farewell Cellulite cream at home! The best part is that it can be done at home for only a few dollars. Better than spending hundreds at the Spa./ (hoping it reduces breast size)

Detox at home...DIY Slimming Body Wrap

body wrap recipe at home

at home body wrap

Site for at home body wraps. I worked in a spa and this is how it is done :)

How to wear a body wrap

Home made body wrap.. you can get all this at walmart for under 20$ just put a quarter size of vitamin e oil and equate cellulite cream in your hand and put it on desired area ( belly legs arms ect.) Rub it in.. you don't have to rub in all the way.. wrap saran wrap as tight as possible... wrap like 10 to 15 times around area. Leave on for a few hours. Do it 3 times a week you will see results. Clean or do something active if ur wearing during daytime or at night have a warm blanket on.

Wrap Yourself Slim Body Wraps Exposed - Lose Fat & Inches with a body wrap on your weight loss program. Recipes and formulas to make your own seaweed, mud, chocolate and herbal body wraps and weight loss cream or shrink gel at home.

The best at home body wrap: Check out the blog post... #bodywrap #athomebodywrap

At-Home Body Wrap to Tighten & Detoxify | Moms Gone Zen

How to do a slimming wrap at home...

Body Wrap At Home | Pintester

At Home Body Wraps - Easy Body Wrap Recipe for At Home Body Wraps — Spalon Techniques, LLC

At home body wrap to help you tone, tighten and firm your problem areas. Simple and affordable! Contact Jennifer at www.theskinnywrap...

How to do it in a nutshell...wrap yourself skinny! #body wraps iTWorksboom #skinnywraps www

Body Wrap Recipe

DIY body wrap/mix/spread/wrap in plastic wrap/30mins/wipe off with water/pat dry 4 c. plain yogurt (not Greek-style) 2 c. honey 2 c. aloe vera 8 – 10 drops each lavender & rose oils Sounds interesting and sticky

At home body wrap

How to make a Coffee Cellulite Body Wrap that fights cellulite for cheap! Same way the spa does it!

DIY body wraps for cheap