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This is honestly too perfect. I thought this was going to be some halarius finish the sentence thing but.... Man.... The feels breh

David Gandy. 15 minutos de ejercicios en casa. David Gandy revela a Men´s Health UK, sus tips de ejercicios probados-y-aprobados. Edición Junio 2012.

37 Reasons Nick Miller Is The Perfect Crush

And finally, everything thats going on here. | 37 Reasons Nick Miller Is The Perfect Crush

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i honestly wasn't going to re pin this until the last sentence but now i have to DAMIT CAS/DEAN/SAM/ WHOEVER WROTE THIS!!!

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We need to write this on the whiteboard for kid's church, or print it out and put it on the bulletin board!

See, THIS. THIS is the moment when I should have realized that he was going to do the thing. But no, I was blissfully unaware...