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  • Ali Sheffield-Roberts

    Fight for Your Life....Choose to fight for yourself, and for the life you were meant to have, and at the end, you will stand victorious on top of your life vs. it on top of you, with arms raised high in triumph, fully prepared to really live the life that was intended for you.

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Your life! Just said many of these words tonight to someone I love...Coincidence that I just came across this? I think not!

In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

If you really want a life that is extraordinary. A life that is audacious. A life that has presence. A life that is out loud. Then, you are going to have to say yes.

Fear changed things for me... of losing myself which caused me to do something differently. The fear of what the consequences would be, by not making changes in my life, and recognizing The Life that Was meant for Me. The fear of living life on the surface, like an actor in my own life, and not experiencing the authenticity of how it is to really live and feel.

Wishes for my daughter... I wish that she will be present in life. That she will not go through the motions. That she will live life out loud. I wish that she will take risks. That she will live a life driven by love not fear. I wish that she will feel. That she will experience the sorrow and joy we need to grow...

Everyone comes into your life for a reason...

I am going to live the life that He imagined for me. And what about you? You can choose to live the life that was imagined for you. You can knock on some doors, and go boldly through others. You can seek. And you will find.

Honesty is the new trend. One size fits all. And WOW does it look good on everyone.

"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"You only get one chance. Be audacious. Be bold in what you ask for. And believe that it will come to be. It's 2013. Time to go after your life.

I am not at all interested in living a life with regret. I do not want to look back on this life I've been given, and say, "I wish I had..." The only wishes I want, or the kinds on shooting stars...where there is belief that everything is possible.... not the wish cloaked in regret. And I write this, not as someone who knows anything about dying... but as someone who really wants to live. As someone who knows what it means to not make the...

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I wasn't created to live a mediocre life. None of us were. But there is something about mediocre that makes it a place where many of us choose to go.