Ain't it the truth!! LOL

if you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me and we'll make fun of people together

Sad story.. This one made me actually laugh out loud!

thats for sure

Sad truth but i guess that makes up superheros ;)


LOL so true... I just hope they're not still showing off the ones that their clothes should have been covering when they were still 20. and they will also have all of the piercings...

O - M - G. You truly can't fix stupid!!!

Just kidding; Always respect everyone!

. I don't do my kids science fair projects, but I do help them shop and get organized. Their work is theirs...and it's not fair when other kids parents do their project.

Done this.

So true!

Waldo's easy to find...



good point

I do that ! haha

how true


My dad would appreciate this quote.