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A skateboarder at Venice Beach, California, 1975.


Vintage Wild World of Skateboarding Magazine 1978


Vintage 1955 Hawaiian Punch Tin Can

Before Welcome Back Kotter, there was Room 222.

This is the candy lipstick that I remember!


the good old days of valentine's boxes

Cousin It

I loved using these

Waterpik !! This is the exact one I got for Christmas one year. Nice gift, Mom...NOT!

those little red galoshes

wentzle ruml


1968 Paper dress. I had a few of these paper dresses!

We had this poster hung in our kitchen.

My brother, T, and I were invited to be in this movie and actually get paid...but my Mom wouldn't let us miss school. Really, Mom?????

"Come on get happy..."

Dancing Bear, Mr. Moose, Mr. Green Jeans & Captain Kangaroo.

Home sweet home

Love American Style


Raise your hand if you had one!

"Julia" TV Show