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6 or 7 inch Nooks



granny square

Crochet Granny - Chart

Crochet Granny Chart

6 or 7 inch Gothic Square

6 or 7 inch Carousel Square

6 or 7 inch Amber Waves Square

I AM...CRAFTY!: Hooked on Granny Squares free crochet pattern - beautiful granny square!

6 inch Daisy Square

7 inch Blossom Square

7 inch Circle of Friends Square

Simple, Pretty Crochet Grannies

7 inch Basket Weave Square

wild daisy granny square

7 inch Spring Breeze Square

7 inch Nordic Star Square

Bulky granny square with a flower

Solid 'Willow' Granny How-To _ Picture Tutorial ♥

6 lacey square (7), via Flickr.