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Homemade bath crayons

One Beautiful Homefrom One Beautiful Home

Homemade Bath Paint

Diy Kids Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath Homemade

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Diy Bubble Paint

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Colored Bubble Bath

"When all else fails, let them have a bubble bath!" - Homemade Bath Paint, only 2 ingredients!


Homemade Glow in the Dark Bath Paint

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Homemade Glow in the Dark Bath Paint - Raining Hot Coupons

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How to make erupting ice chalk paint - summer recipe for play!

My Frugal Adventuresfrom My Frugal Adventures

Homemade Bubbles Recipe {For Big Thick Bubbles!}

Homemade Bubble Recipe

Homemade Bubble Solution

Homemade Dish Soap

Dawn Bubble Recipe

Bubble Solution Glycerin

How To Make Bubble Solution

Bubble Recipe With Corn Syrup

Homemade Bubbles With Corn Syrup

Bubbles Glycerin

Homemade Bubble Solution --- A perfect children's party gift! Just 3 ingredients and you will have big, thick, amazing bubbles!

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Homemade bubble blower! Literally took me 3 minutes to make! It's awesome! Surprising the little with it after school!

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2 ingredients and you have SLIME!!! After a trip to the store we are gonna make this:)

The Crafty Blog Stalkerfrom The Crafty Blog Stalker

Why Didn't I Think Of That? 24 Useful Tips

Can T Reach

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For The Home

Recycle a plastic bottle to make a faucet extender for smaller hands!

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Spray Chalk- what a fun way for kids to make art this Summer!

Homemade Sidewalk Paint

Sidewalk Chalk Recipe


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Homemade sidewalk paint

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Snow Awesome

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Fill spray bottles with food coloring water to paint on snow.

A Magical Childhoodfrom A Magical Childhood

10 Ways to Make Today Magical

Diy Bathtub

Homemade Bathtub

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Bubble Bath Homemade

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Homemade bath crayons. Here's just 1 of the hundreds of great ideas on this family website "A Magical Childhood"

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Homemade Doodle

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Homemade DOODLE Paint Recipe. The consistency of the paint makes it really easy for kids to draw and make designs- SO FUN!

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Bath tub paint


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Homemade finger paints.

Verywellfrom Verywell

Make Homemade Bubbles Your Kids Will Love

Homemade Bubble Recipe

Homemade Bubble Solution

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Bubble Recipe With Glycerin

Fancy Homemade

Tablespoons Glycerin

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Bubbles even toddlers can do! Here's a super toddler trick for bubbles they don't tell you. Add a little food coloring to the bubbles and have a couple containers of a couple different colors of bubbles. Tape paper to the wall. Blow the bubbles to land on the wall with paper. You will end up with a beautiful colored abstract artistic design made by blown bubbles made by your little toddler.

Mom Luck: Oklahoma Mom Bloggerfrom Mom Luck: Oklahoma Mom Blogger

How To Make Homemade Slime The EASY Way: Green Slime Recipe

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How to make homemade Slime

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Homemade Finger Paints

Edible Finger Paints

Homemade finger paint safe for babies and toddlers who love to taste everything. It's made from common household ingredients and is fun for all ages!