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Name at Birth: Arne Eriksen Skrådal Birth: May 20, 1832 - Skrådal Farm, Kongsvinger, Norway Census: 1865 - Eidskog, Norway Census: 1880 - Winnebago County, Linden Township Census: 1885 - Winnebago County, Linden Township Death: August 1, 1900 - Winnebago County, IowaName at Birth: Marie Olsdatter Sondre Berger Olsen Birth: January 1 or 2, 1842 - Sondre Berger Farm, Norway Death: August 5, 1925 - Winnebago County, Iowa

CDV Portrait of a young woman - Norway - c.1885 by Patrick Bradley 70, via Flickr

Leif Erickson bust now owned by the Sons of Norway Lodge, Ballard, Seattle, Washington | Made by August Werner.

Jewellery from Iron Age History museum Oslo Norway

Portrett av Bokken Lasson, ca 1889 by National Library of Norway, via Flickr Love this photo

Fragment of a portal, Sigurd Fafnir's bane, Hylestad Stave Church Medieval Norway about 1175 CE

Oseberg burial mound, Vestfold, Norway http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oseberg_ship


Grave goods from the Oseberg ship burial, around 800, Norway Viking

A viking shoe from Oseberg ship burial, Norway

Real Viking's house, Norway - a stabbur where food was kept traditionally through winter. smoked meats and fish, root vegetables etc.

Viking Lucet "a whalebone line-winder incised with the figure of a bird" from north Norway

1300 Norwegian Shoe (My great-great-grandfather Ole Hermandsen Sondre was a shoemaker for the king and his family in Oslo, Norway in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

Norway Royalty: Coronation of King Haakon VII. and Queen Maud of Norway, in 1905,when Norway became independent from the rule of Oscar II,King of Sweden and Norway. May 17th is their Independence Day,

Nordens magtfulde leder Margrete 1. Dansk prinsesse, dronning af Norge ...

The Dalsnibba mountain, located in the municipality of Stranda in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway.

Resources for researching locations and ancestors in Norway. The map displays old and new names of counties in Norway, which are called fylke.

Viking ship at Gudvangen, Norway (by scott photos)

Runes, Norway 15th C

Work on the field. 1880-90

Sami man in a winter coat of fur (pesk) from Salten in Nordland County, Norway. En samisk mann i pesk fra Salten i Nordland. Foto av Marcus Selmer, 1857-1870. Lule Saami area Sállto in Norway