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    I TOTALLY AGREE!!! Twisting your hair before shampooing and conditioning keeps your hair elongated to prevent much shrinkage and single strand knots! Natural Hair Regimen >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=3AyJfVO9Kuo

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    How To Shampoo/Wash Natural Transitioning Post Relaxer Hair Update Tutorial Part 3 Subscribe, Its Free! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5SfogUpv2zclQZypimvlGg?sub_confirmation=1 I only wash my natural hair with shampoo if I have excessive dandruff or a product overload in my hair. Also, I may also wash my hair at least twice a month as needed. If you constantly use hair jels, sprays, mousse, or even pomade, there is a chance that your hair may have to much products in it.

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aloe vera

Made this concoction for my 3yr old this past weekend. Made her hair soft, shiny, strong, and smell sweet haha. Put a shower cap on and a hair towel over and let her sleep with it overnight-condition success! 4tbs coconut oil 2tbs honey 1 really ripe avocado And probably 3 tbs aloe vera juice (i really didn't measure)

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5 oils you should try on your natural hair #naturalhair #haircare

natural hair products | What are of your must have natural hair products?

A few of my natural hair products

A must get....Keep your #natural #hair moisturized

Natural hair products

Products for natural hair.

True or false? Hair care products have contained mineral oil for decades, however natural hair wearers assume it to be damaging to their hair. In actuality, cosmetic (USP/BP) mineral oil can be light and enhance curls, seal moisturize in the hair, and be easily and completely removed with one wash using sulfate-free shampoo.

10 #NaturalHair Must-Haves for Fall/Winter

Natural hair products

Natural hair products

Natural hair products

I love this product. It’s making my hair grow like crazy! I will let it grow longer.

I love this product. It’s making my hair grow like crazy! I will let it grow longer.

9 Genius Natural Hair Hacks

How to Get Past Your Hair Growth Plateau

If your hair tends towards dryness and breakage, you will find In this bottle a magic potion! A blend of 9 fabulous oils which penetrate the hair shaft, attract moisture, nourish the hair and seal moisture in. Recipe created by Deborrah Cooper.

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