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How To Shampoo/Wash Natural Transitioning Post Relaxer Hair Update Tutorial Part 3 Subscribe, Its Free! I only wash my natural hair with shampoo if I have excessive dandruff or a product overload in my hair. Also, I may also wash my hair at least twice a month as needed. If you constantly use hair jels, sprays, mousse, or even pomade, there is a chance that your hair may have to much products in it.

Infographic: How to Co-Wash Natural Hair

How to Co-Wash Natural Hair

Before & after pic: "Push-Pom" Slicks down edges, is 100% natural & washes out easily w/ shampoo or by co-washing.

Hot Oil Treatment For Natural Hair Update On 4c Black African American Hair Tutorial Part 5 Subscribe, Its Free! Steaming your hair under a hair steamer does wonders for those who have chronic dryness. I love to apply deep conditioner to my hair and steam my hair for about 30 minutes for the ultimate moisture infusion.

Deep Conditioner Natural Hair Treatment With Heautiful Hair Steamer Tutorial Part 4 Subscribe, Its Free! It is best to deep condition your hair after shampooing your hair or to cure dry hair. If you moisturize and seal your hair as usual and its still chronically dry, you must incorporate more deep conditioning sessions until you notice a change in your hair.

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Natural Hairstyle Inspiration! Fierce frohawk. #naturalhair #frohawk #4C #Big #fierce #hairstyle #blackhair

7 Hair Growth Tips for Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair- You don't have to cut your hair to go natural. You can transition slowly while retaining length. Cut the relaxed ends when you're ready to.

Recipes for #RhassoulClay , a natural shampoo alternative. Can be used as a 2-in-1 replacement for shampoo and conditioner, too. Ancient cultures have used this clay, whose name means "washing" in Arabic for thousands of years. Find out why your hair (no matter which type-straight, wavy, coily, kinky or curly) will benefit from this natural cleanser.