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The Bay Leaf Plant - How To Grow A Bay Leaf Tree As A Culinary Herb

The Bay Leaf Plant is a lovely evergreen small tree or shrub for your containers or garden and should not be missing from your herb collection. Grow a Bay Laurel Tree if you like cooking with its aromatic leaves!

Sweet Bay Leaf Tree: How To Grow A Bay Leaf Tree

How to Prune a Bay Tree & Harvest Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are used whole in cooking and removed from the dish before serving.

How to Grow a Bay Tree From Cuttings

Umbellularia californica, known as bay laurel, California laurel or simply bay trees, are native to California. The tree grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 7 through 10. Bay ...

Pruning Bay leaf Trees - When How to Prune - Laurus nobilis -For topiary specimens of Bay Leaf Trees, it will be necessary to prune then twice in the summer months. April and then again in August are good times. If you prune your bay any later than August, it will be too late for the plant to re-grow new growth before dormancy sets in, so a final cut in August, will leave you with nice fresh foliage for the autumn and winter months.

How to Propagate Bay Leaf

Do you know how to propagate bay leaf? Bay leaf tree propagation involves two method-- propagation by cutting and seeds.