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Multilingual Stories SAMPLE. Bilingual stories w/ translations in multiple langs

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This is a sample of my multilingual stories; there are 3 sets available.
When students have a home language different than the school language, bilingual storybooks and resources are very important. But they’re not always easy to find.
These stories are in PDF format - easy to display on an overhead, or print for school use and sending home. Each story has bilingual text: the target language is above, and the English translation is below.
There are multiple versions of each story, with different target language translations. This allows teachers to make one purchase, but reach their many multicultural students.
Right now I have translations in the following languages:
As I'm able to find more translators, I will re-upload the product with stories in the new languages. My goal is to offer these stories in dozens of languages! Buy the stories once and you'll get as many updates and I am able to procure!
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