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    • Emily McBee

      egg freshness #goodtoknow

    • Jillene MacDonald

      How to know if your eggs are fresh #asianfoodchannel #howto #food #foodporn #foodgasm #knowhow

    • Lindsey McDonald

      egg freshness- helpful hints

    • Adrianna Palacioz

      How to Tell if an Egg is Bad-Place it into a bowl of cold water. Water level should be about 2 times higher than the egg. Fresh eggs will sink to the bottom of the bowl probably lie on their sides. Slightly older eggs (about one week) will lie on the bottom but bob slightly. If the egg balances on its smallest tip, with the large tip reaching for the top, it's probably close to 3 weeks old. Eggs that float at the surface are bad should not be consumed. (self sufficiency homesteading

    • Brittany Victoria

      How to check an egg's freshness. #cooking #eggs #recipes #food

    • Nicole Schou

      How to test for freshness - should be printed on egg cartons...

    • Audrey Lunsford

      egg freshness. I never can remember if sinking means it's a fresh egg or a bad egg.

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