Homemade Modge Podge. You need a clean jar with lid, Elmer's school glue and water. The recipe is 50% glue and 50% water. Put in jar, shake well to mix. Voila!

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Flour, sugar, water & white vinegar = Mod Podge!

Mix Elmer's glue with food coloring and water to give the jars a "sea glass" effect. Mix one teaspoon of Elmer's glue, three drops of food coloring, and 1 1/2 teaspoons of water.

Homemade Swimmers ear drops...recipe provided to me by my childrens' pediatrician. Alcohol dries out the ear and vinegar kills bacteria.

How to Determine Which Glue to Use for Any Project | 21 Incredibly Important Diagrams To Help You Get Through Life

Mosquito trap - No more mosquitos!! Cut the top off a 2 liter bottle. Invert the cone and place it inside the bottle. Glue the two pieces together. Add 1 tsp yeast and 1/2 cup sugar to some luke warm water, and pour the mixture into the bottle. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that you exhale. The yeast feeds off the sugar and emits the same gas, so the mosquito enters the bottle, thinking she will find food there. FLIES LOVE THIS!!! Have caught 1000's of flies!!

an easy way to make a cake stand or dessert plate... would be cool with red chargers from dollar tree!! Cheap, easy, and awesome!!!

Modge Podge Clipboard

Are you curious what the Mod Podge formulas look like when they are dry? Click through for this handy dandy guide!

DIY Disinfecting Wipes Place cotton rags, cut to about 4×6 (or whatever size you prefer) into a container that has a lid. A tupperware type container works well. Or even an old baby wipes container. Combine 1 cup of water, 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol and 2 tablespoons of Dawn Dish Soap and pour over rags. This amount should work for about 24 rags. Use more or less depending how many you want to make at a time. http://www.budgetsavvydiva.com/2013/05/diy-disinfecting-wipes/

Great site for ideas and how to use modge podge

Homemade Modge Podge!

How To Make Emergency 50 Hour Candles

do it YOURSELF modge podge: half Elmer's glue + half water = genius! hahah oh man why didnt i think of this VERY old school......

I'M NEVER BUYING PAINT AGAIN! Paint- 1 cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1 c water, food coloring.

Mod Podge formula guide: Explains the difference between all the Mod Podge formulas & uses.

Homemade Mosquito trap. I hate mosquitoes!

Modge Podging Tissue Paper onto Candle Holders --> I love that you can color match any room essentially.

homemade bleach pen