HMS Ark Royal - Launch - 20 JUNE 1981 HMS Ark Royal was the former flagship of the Royal Navy. One of three Invincible class aircraft carriers she was affectionately known as The Mighty Ark. Her keel was laid by Swan Hunter at Wallsend on 7 December 1978 and she was launched on 20 June 1981 and completed in 1985. Most photographs and images in this set are taken from the Swan Hunter Collection held by Tyne and Wear Archives Service. Ref: TWAS:ds-swh-4-ph-5-109-31

HMS Nelson.

HMS ARK ROYAL after the fatal torpedo strike...


HMS Ark Royal R-07 arriving at Portsmouth, England.

On this day 7th May, 1765 HMS Victory was launched at Chatham in Kent. The flagship of Admiral Horatio Nelson. The ship is now preserved at Chatham Historic Dockyards in Kent, England


Wallsend, UK, the setting of #TheLastShip, was featured on BuzzFeed's list of the "16 Most Delightful British Photos"!


Ark Royal 1978 [Swan Hunter, Wallsend]

USS North Carolina Battleship

The general cargo ship Beacon Grange sinks after being torpedoed amidships by U-552 on April 24, 1941. Photo taken from the submarin'es coning tower. German submariners routinely machine gunned seamen who survived the initial blast and found themselves in the water.

USS Missouri


HMS Ark Royal

HMS Albion Deploys Royal Marine Assault Craft

HMS Ocean

RMS Olympic in dazzle camouflage while in service as a troopship during WWI

HMS Royal George

The new HMS Ark Royal at the Swan Hunter shipyard in June 1981 after being launched by the Queen Mother

HMS Royal Oak by umbry101, via Flickr