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hell-in-the-trunk: “ Inspired by all the drugged up husbands unwittingly hitting on their wives… hahahhahaha yeah these two. Stiles is recovering from a mundane operation unrelated to werewolfy...

" Stiles says with a heavy slur. I raise an eyebrow and put my head in my hand to keep from blushing. I keep on my hard exterior as i watch the nurses work around him. Someone be Stiles please)(no storyline)

Nobody Knows I'm Gay Rainbow Coffee Mug

WICKED FUN MUGS Nobody Knows I'm Gay Rainbow Coffee Mug


Draco and Harry with their scars and tattoos (and looking all pumped and shit ‘cause it’s typical upthehillart) Heavily inspired by also and some other random posts on.


upthehillart: “ This is a(n unnecessary) continuation of my Dark!Drarry drawing so pls enjoy ”