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Dried Flower Keepsake

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Rose Keepsake

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Rose Pressing

Dried Roses Ideas

Add the date and different background paper. Glass front for no dust

Dried Rose Shadow Box

Shadow Box Roses

Shadow Boxes

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Memory Boxes

Rose Flattened

Artistic Outcomes

0Party Project

Dried Glued

First rose my SO ever gave me, flattened and dried. Glued to scrapbook paper and placed in a shadow box as an anniversary gift

Design Aglowfrom Design Aglow

easily create gorgeous & memorable keepsakes

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Diy Shadowbox

Awesome way to keep all those little bits of paper you get from traveling!

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A Letter

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Romantic Love Letters

“A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Rose Petal Keepsake

Funeral Flower Keepsake

Flowers Sir

Petals Flowers

Memorial Shadow Box Ideas Funeral

Funeral Ideas

Dried Rose Petals Crafts

Flowers Crafts

Coroline Wedding

Rose petals from funeral flowers in shadow box.

Dried Rose Diy

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How To Dry Flowers

Flowers Rod

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Dried Flowers Framed

Case Larry

Just in case Larry goes completely out of character and buys flowers someday :) <3 <3 <3

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Loll Simply

Su Simply Soft

Simply Fabulous

Soft Watercoloring

Stamping on WC paper, coloured with markers, embossed CS - 2 of 3

Dried Hanging Flowers

Diy Dry Flowers

Craft Flowers

How To Save Dead Flowers

How To Preserve Dried Roses

Preserving Dried Roses

Painting Dried Flowers

How To Dry Roses Bouquets

How To Dry Flower Petals

How to dry flowers. DIY decorations ~ dried flowers | lace & lacquer

Dried Rose Petal Crafts

Dried Roses Ideas

Preserving Roses Ideas

Preserving Flowers From Funeral Diy

Dried Rose Petals Decor

Preserving Rose Petals

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One'S Flowers

Keep Your Valentine's Day Rose Petals Long After The Holiday -->

Flowers Fun

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Flower Shadow Box

Flower Frame

Perfect way to preserve dried flowers... I am very proud of the shadow box idea :) - Megan S.

Funeral Flower Ideas

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Funeral Dried

Idea Funeral

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Things To Do With Funeral Flowers

Funeral Roses

Grandma Funeral

I got roses from my Grandma’s Funeral and dried peddles before I put them in the glass ornament. Nice little keepsake. ENJOY!

Rose Heart Shadow Box

Dried Roses Shadow Box

Roses Dried

Dried Roses Crafts

Dried Rose Art

Shadow Box Flowers

Dried Rose Petals

Full Roses

Roses Cut

Dried Roses idea! I had 2 bouquets of dried roses and cut them down to the bottom of the flower. I arranged them in a heart before I glued them onto the scrapbook paper. My scrapbook paper is black and white and looks like a letter and then I added the "I love you" (you can put anything). I then put it in a shadow box purchased from Hobby Lobby.

How To Dry A Flower

How To Dry Roses

How To Save Flowers From A Funeral

How To Preserve Wedding Flowers

Saving Funeral Flowers

How To Press Roses

Dried Funeral Flowers

How To Preserve Roses

Flower Preserve

How to dry a flower with silica gel

Boyfriend Loved

Gift For Boyfriend

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Boyfriend Scrapbook

Relationship Scrapbook Ideas Boyfriends

Half Gifts

Gifts 3

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My rendition of the Pinterest craft I saw. Shadow box with two dollar store spoons, scrapbook paper and sharpie. Hanging in my bedroom. The boyfriend loved it!

Rosebud Heart

Rose Heart

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Hearts Amour

heard roses

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Homemade votive (or bigger) candle holders. Use dried, pressed flowers and tissue paper.

zulilyfrom zulily

'Be the Change' Shadowbox Bank

Change Bank

Change Piggy

Be The Change

Family Change

Change Idea

Change Jar

Time Change

Loose Change

Change The Worlds

Shadow box with a slit cut in the top, cute quotes painted on the front, and ta-da! instant adorable bank. Be the Change Bank by Jozie B

Trays Shadow Boxes Etc

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Printer'S Tray

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Box of stuff. Tactile treasures.

The Crafting Chicksfrom The Crafting Chicks

Rose Heart Shadow Box

Rose Petals Craft

Petal Crafts

Crafts 10

Rose Petals Keepsake

Save Rose Petals

Gifts Kenarry

Sentimental Flowers

Save Sentimental

Create Rose

Cute Idea-- rose heart made from your wedding flower bouquet - just hot glue your dried out roses onto a piece of cardstock and frame in a shadow box.

Make Your Own Confetti

How To Make Your Own Paper

How To Make Recycled Paper

Plantable Seed Paper Favors

Making Plantable

Plantable Confetti

Making Seed

3 Making

Paper Making

Making your own paper is a cool idea but making paper you can plant is an awesome idea! Kids love it!

Fabulessly Frugalfrom Fabulessly Frugal

DIY Dried Flowers Shadow Box

Dried Wedding Flowers Ideas

Dried Flowers Decoration

Dried Flowers In Shadow Box

Pressed Dried Flowers Ideas

Dried Flowers Crafts

Dried Flower Window

Pressed Flowers In Frame

Pressed Flower Shadow Box

Dried Flower Diy Projects

DIY Dried Flowers Shadow Box - I've seen these done in regular 'window' type frames - amazing. Now to put all those flowers I've collected and pressed to use!