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Hahaha... Typical Dad advice. ... My dad has always given me hugs and kisses and sat me in his lap and held me while I cried over stupid boys and finally he approves of the one I got now :)

I think someone should say this in a speech at my wedding... It would be awesome

The Parent Trap♥ UGH this movie puts me in a good mood no matter WHAT the circumstances, i swear. And yes, this version with Lindsay Lohan is the one i grew up with. I was convinced she really had a British twin. Kid logic. I could watch this movie when i'm 65 and it still wouldn't bore me (:

ดูหนังออนไลน์ The Mummy คืนชีพคำสาปนรกล้างโลก คลิก >>

little crude for me, but some parts had me rolling on the floor with laughter

Juno - film by newcomer Diablo Cody. Starring Ellen Page, Michael Cera. Very funny and quixotic.

Juno, Hillarious and cool auto stuff and mixing, also Ellen Page nominated for best actress