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Pier1 - Chubby Cat Mug ($8.00)

Chubby Cat Teapot

Little Vintage Black Cat Mirror by ObjetLuv on Etsy, $8.00

Pier1 - Chubby Cat Teapot ($17.95)

Cute Cat Mug Japan by OurBackRoadsVintage on Etsy, $8.00

Pier 1 Chubby Cat Teapot - I want one of these cookie jars!

Chubby Cat Mug

Vintage Tilso Kitty Cat Kitchen Collection

Cat Magnet $14.00

Custom Cat Necklace or Brooch, Portrait of your pet. $48.00, via Etsy.

Collectible Teapots | MS CAT TEAPOT Heritage Mint Collectible by notforgottenvintage

Japanese vintage white cats by arrowtruevintage on Etsy, $24.00

Dog and Cat Silhouette Golden Necklace Dog and Cat by meytalbarnoy, $55.00

Top Hat Bow Tie Fancy Cat Mug, $12.00 #cat #hipster #funny #kitty #hat #bow #tie #fancy #animal #clothes #mug

White Cute Cat Teapot and Teacup SetTea Set for Two by misunrie, $70.00

Cat #sculpture art doll cat animal Collectibles by MIRAKRIS on Etsy

Cheshire Cat Mug. €9.00, via Etsy.

Cute Vintage Cat Teapot by CuriousCatUK on Etsy, £7.00

It's like it the devil were a cat and was tripping on acid. Black classic mug with space cat print. €13.00, via Etsy.

Ceramic mug Every Life Should Have Nine Cats. £10.00, via Etsy.

CAT POT by mirubrugmann on Etsy, $60.00 https://www.etsy.com/listing/125479798/cat-pot?ref=favs_view_23