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Had a blast here in Turkey

#tbt Original Skateabords Team Riders Max Vickers and Avery Wilcox lean into a left on with the Baffle 37 and Arbiter 36 at The Backwoods Turkey Unlicensed Leanfest in Chicago. Photo:Matthew Gregory

Check out this photo of a Rider hat for sale in Istanbul Turkey – shared with us by Don Axtell who’s playing in the Senior World Tennis Team Championships there. Thanks Don!

9 Riders from Russia on Hard Enduro championship Sea to Sky , Turkey , Kemer Dmitry Parshin #231 , Alexey Agafonov #229 , Vladimir Kamushkin #244, Timophey Demikhov #179, Evgeny Kosuhin #64, Ilya Malikov #66 , Dmitry and Sergey Zolotov #56/ #165, Oleg Scherbina #208 Video by Svetlana Baranova Hard Enduro Russia team #sbpromedia #hardendurorussia #sonyactioncam Russian team past 4400 km to Turkey by bus with motorcycles. All trip was 11000km .

#tbt to the May issue 2008: Pro mountain biker @dberrecloth turned the surreal landscapes of Turkeys Cappadocia region into his personal playground. The way the rocks and the spires were formed it was like a luge course says Lucas Kane a Seattle photographer. Darren rode as if water would flow through there. Kane Berrecloth and a team of riders were in Turkey to shoot scenes for their film New World Order VII. There are old caves where people lived thousands of years ago Kane says. Wed take…

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