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The Systems Alliance is the face of humanity throughout the Galaxy, and particularly on the Citadel. Formed in 2149 after the discovery of an alien

I’ll never forget the book I read back in college called, Discipline Without Tears, by Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs. “It provides a clear, constructive outline of his proven strategies for dealing with a wide range of childhood misbehaviors. Believing that children are social beings who want to belong, Dreikurs stresses encouragement, cooperation, and firm control in a democratic alliance of parents, teachers and children." -The Sharing is Caring Teacher Blogging Collaborative

Terran Alliance prototype fighter Bloodspiller. This ship is equipped with the latest Octan ZPT* energy receiving system. Additional equipment include a reverse-engineered Invaderz tech AGrav propulsion system. Main armament is a heavy fusion cannon. More notes to follow. Heavy inspiration is taken from peterlmorris's starfighters. I borrowed the heavy gun from Happy Weasel and the drive system from Vince Toulouse…