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What Is Blogging? What You Need To Know Before You Start!

Everything You Need To Know Before You Start a Blog - Have you seen other people blogging and wondered if it's something you could do too? Read this post to find out! |blogging | content | how to blog

Kuvira has more going for her than beauty and metalbending but I agree with everything else on this post!!

Yes, so true.but you can explain to yourself if you get some help, read some books, spend time in nature, get sleep, take care of YOU

10 Ways to Wear Loungewear Every Day

Orthographic Dyslexia - Is It Always Phonological Awareness? Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley of The Dyslexia Training Institute

If I could make everything better with a hug, i'd hug you the whole day until it was all okay (but I can't and I'm sorry) It’s a sad feeling when you want to help someone, but you just can’t.