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MST3K Cocktail: A Day at the Fair 1.5 parts vodka 1.5 parts red vermouth 1 part triple sec 1 part gin 1 part cherry brandy 3 parts ginger beer 3 parts sparkling lemonaide 1 cup of mixed summer fruit Pre-chill alcohol, then pour over ice and fruit. Add lemonade and ginger beer, garnish with fruit.

MST3K Cocktails: Final Justice 4 parts milk 1 part amaretto Stir together with a small amount of ice

MST3K Cocktails: Hercules Unchained 3 parts gin 1 part vermouth 1/4 part blue curacao 1/2 part grenadine Shake together gin, vermouth, and blue curacao with ice; strain into glass; drizzle grenadine over glass

MST3K Cocktail: The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy 1 cup of hot, strong coffee 1 shot spiced rum 1 tablespoon sugar Garnish with whipped cream and a cinnamon stick

MST3K Cocktail: Killer Shrew 1 part aquavit 1 part golden rum 2 parts Jack Daniels 1 part lime juice 1/2 part simple sugar Shake with ice, garnish with a wind-up shrew (optional)

MST3K Cocktail: Angels’ Revenge 3 parts proseco 1 part Grand Marnier 1 part peach schnapps 1/4 part of grenadine Pour into champagne flute, give a quick stir

MST3K Cocktails: First Spaceship on Venus 1 part brown creme de cocoa 1 part blue curacoa 1 part vanilla vodka Shake together with ice

MST3K Cocktails: Space Mutiny 3 parts vodka 1 part white tequila 1 part blue curacao 1/2 part Rose’s lime Shake with ice, strain into margarita glass