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Ya free breakfast for goodness sake!

Bahahaha If I make you breakfast in bed, a simple 'Thank you' is all I need. Rotten Ecard Not all this 'How did you get in my house?

Selfie of the Day on http://www.drlima.net

Selfie of the Day

Long gone are the days of thinking that simply taking a pic of a positive pregnancy test is an acceptable way to announce you're expecting a new baby.

Get a laugh: Vault

Get a laugh: Vault

Students Answers to Questions - Gallery

Students Answers to Questions

I hope to God this kid meant math & not meth. Unintentionally Inappropriate Test Responses From Children

"shit-faced" is a bit strong but with my girls and a bottle of wine a piece...been there, done that.

I aspire to someday be one of those "ladies who lunch" and by lunch I mean get shit-faced at noon with my girlfriends in some classy joint. Someday this will be us!