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IChao en su estudio.

IChao en su estudio.

sugar cane worker cuban art                                                                                                                                                     More

sugar cane worker cuban art by Jose Manuel Abraham

cuban arts and paintings | cuba2

'Women With Cigars' Canvas Painting (Cuba)

Check out Gentleman's Cabinet and their Whisky and Cigar Master Classes all around Australia www.gentlemanscabinet.com.au

CUBAN Tobacco Poster. Romeo y Julieta Churchill fine Cigars. Bar Art DECOR. 47i

Vintage Cigar Poster for "Romeo y Julieta" cigars, Havana Cuba

Beautifully elaborate cut paper sculptures and illustrations by Cuban artist Elsa Mora.   See much more on Colossal:  http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2013/11/cut-paper-sculptures-and-illustrations-by-elsa-mora/

Cut Paper Sculptures and Illustrations by Elsa Mora

Multimedia artist Elsa Mora was born and raised in Cuba before moving to the U. in Mora now lives and works in Los Angeles where she creates beautiful cut paper sculptures, illustrations and other visual curiosities with nothing but paper and glue.

In Cuba BTW, check out this FREE AWESOME ART APP for mobile: http://artcaffeine.imobileappsys.com/   Get Inspired!!!

Colors And Architecture Of My Homeland

Before the term "Art Nouveau" became common . [many names referred] specifically to the organic forms that were popular with the Art Nouveau artists: Stile Floreal ("floral style"), Lilienstil ("lily style"), Style Nouille ("noodle style"), Paling Stij

Different Styles of Dance #Infographics — Lightscap3s.com

Different Styles of Dance - #history #Infographics #howto

Salsa has roots that combine elements from both Latin and Afro-Cuban dance styles. Check out this infographic from Arthur Murray Dance Studio of San Jose to learn more about popular dance styles in North America.

Woman in white. Boscoe Holder, Trinidad y Tobago

Lady in White by the legendary Trinidadian Artist Boscoe Holder

Google Image Result for http://www.enjoyart.com/library/travel_tourism/cuba/large/Paris-visit-cuba.jpg

Febrero 2010 Archives

The Travel Tester vintage travel poster collection. It's time to get nostalgic with this week's retro destination: Vintage Travel Posters Cuba

"And I thought I was the team’s sharpshooter, but I guess no one else thinks that. Maybe I don’t have a thing. They wouldn’t keep me on the team if I didn’t contribute in some way, would they? Maybe I’m just a fifth wheel… seventh if you count Coran and Allura." 2x10 quote - Lance - by elentori-art  NOOOOOO MYYY SOOOONNN YOURE VALUABLE AND IREPPLACABLE  AND WE ALL LOVE YOU

Poor Lance<< and maybe I'll just go cry somewhere

Cuba - unfortunately, this was taken last week.  When the people are free again, it's going to be a special place. And American collectors will buy those cars.

Cuba - unfortunately, this was taken last week. When the people are free again, it's going to be a special place. And American collectors will buy those cars.---Portrait of a murderer, remember it.

Weddings Week: Bridal Nails 101

Weddings Week: Bridal Nails 101

DIY reverse french manicure 2015 step by step tutorials and designs.How to do Half moon reverse manicure and crescent french manicure

Viñales Valley, morning, Cuba

The Viñales Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Pinar del Rio province of western Cuba.

Bright colours, bright life. Havana nights party

Gorgeous ~ tribe hula community service ~ hair and dress and accessories and lipstick

-in real life, this could be my friend...........

Faces of Cuba: John Galbreath

camila cabello

camila cabello