zucchini boats - No Carbs!! cut a zucchini in half lengthwise and trim a little off the bottom so it sit still in a baking dish*** Scoop out the seeds Brush the surface with a mixture of crushed garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper Arrange halved tomatoes bake in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes*** Remove and place mozzarella in between the tomatoes, place them back in, but now under the broiler til golden and bubbling***Remove and drizzle with olive oil and a sprinkling of grated Parmes...

Zucchini Pizza Boats - no carbs in a crust

Omg yum!!!!

Zucchini Boats with Tomato, Basil, and Cheese

low carb spinach and cheese 'muffin'

Baked Zucchini Chips

Easy Baked Cheesy Garlic Bread Tomatoes Recipe

Zucchini Lasagna. Have the delicious flavors of lasagna, cheesy and saucy, without the carbs!

Delicious asparagus recipe :)

“The Biggest Loser" salad that almost no one can get enough of. 1 head fresh lettuce, 1 bunch fresh basil, 2 fresh in-season tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1/4 red onion (for dressing)-1/3 cup olive oil, 4 tbsp lemon juice,1 tsp honey (for dressing) salt and pepper, to taste

Avocado, Mozzarella, And Tomato Grilled Cheese!

YUM!!! Stuffed Tomatoes with Mushrooms, Parmesan and Spinach.

This simple recipe for Easy Cheesy Zucchini Bake has been pinned 693,000 times, and it's something I make every summer. If you're starting to get zucchini from the garden or farmers market, this is a MUST try! [from Kalyn's Kitchen] #LowCarb #GlutenFree #GardenVeggies #Zucchini


Low Carb ...Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Stuffed Chicken Rollitini

tomato basil squares: 1 package (10 ounces) refrigerated pizza dough; 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese, divided; 1/4  cup Parmesan cheese, grated; 2 tsps dried basil leaves; 3/4 cup mayonnaise; 1 garlic clove, pressed; 4 to 5  plum tomatoes, seeded, thinly sliced


Homemade Mozzarella sticks.

Garlic Grilled Tomatoes - oh, this summer I am doing these everyday!!