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  • Karen Green

    The sun erupts with one of the largest solar flares of this solar cycle in this multi-colored NASA photo taken March 6, 2012. REUTERS/NASA/SD0/AIA

  • Amy Simmons

    Solar flares...may allow the Aurora Borealis to be visible in the Northern 48 (and messing up OnDemand cable!!)

  • Vanesuki

    La tormenta solar en tonos azules

  • Sheila Weiker

    The largest Solar Flair in 5 years. I hope to see the Northern Lights tonight!!!

  • Mystical Moon☪hild ...

    WORLD WONDERS ☪ :: 2nd Largest Solar Storm - March 6, 2012 "This flare was categorized as an X5.4, making it the second largest flare -- after an X6.9 on August 9, 2011 -- since the sun's activity segued into a period of relatively low activity called solar minimum in early 2007. The current increase in the number of X-class flares is part of the sun's normal 11-year solar cycle, during which activity on the sun ramps up to solar maximum, which is expected to peak in late 2013." REUTERS/NASA/SD0/AIA/Handout

  • Brinda Crowder Carter

    Powerful solar storm bombards Earth The solar storm that seemed to be more fizzle than fury got much stronger early March 9 before fading again. At its peak, it was the most potent solar storm since 2004, U.S. space weather forecasters said.

  • Elizabeth Greenwood

    Sun Flare 3-6-2012 By Nasa Beautiful !

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