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Own up to your decisions, let them make you a better person, and have a story worth telling.

Talk shit about all your friends or a friend, soon you won't have any shit to talk about.

bitch tip, people who talk about their own friends kill me!

So very true, if a person has a track record of doing their friends dirty, it kinda make you wonder.......

THIS IS SO TRUE! Some people may fool you for the moment, but be patient and see what happens. A person's true colors will always show in time. ---So true.it may take years, but their true colors will eventually come through.

Yeahhhhhhh.....  Usually it means you were awesome ;)

Brotip - if you roll out of bed still sore from the night before, something went really wrong or really right.

Sixty whopping seconds of awesomeness, dude. That's a lot of time, so don't waste it.

brotip - every minute that you spend being angry, you lose sixty seconds of being awesome. don't be wasteful.