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  • Kim Denning

    Travel games-our favorite car game growing up.

  • Mandy Maynard

    I loved playing the Alphabet Game on car trips and would have been so happy for a sign like this!

  • Melissa Vorwerk

    Haha! Reminds me of a time driving up North playing this game via walkie-talkie with the other vehicle and I totally made up that I saw a street sign in a town called Xavier Dr because I was sick of looking for an X!

  • Marcella Anjos

    For families who play the alphabet game on those long car rides

  • Chelsea Conard

    alphabet game. best road trip game ever.

  • Robyn Miller

    Stuck in the Road trip alphabet game? Here ya go! You're welcome! hahahaha....

  • Gigi Bruce Lay

    Oh, if only I had seen this during family road trip games during my childhood!

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  • MusicNerd :)

    Haha that is so funny

  • Kirsten Gariepy

    The one about waiting for cars to stop is sadly true. There have a few cases over the years here in Orlando where people are hit by cars running lights. Granted the person shouldn't have run the light but the car didn't suddenly materialize in the middle of the road either.

  • Baymax Hiro

    WOW. You must be smart.

  • Rylie Boyer

    I didn't even realize snow and rain fell to the ground!

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tried this with my best friend. she had no idea what i was talking about until i mentioned weird al. at least she doesn't want to disown me!

Guaranteed to be head of the class hahahahaha

I literally burst out laughing. Especially since my nephew is a dentist:) He should frame this and put it up in his office. Very clever humor.