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The Canopy Tower @ Hong Kong

Green Building, The Canopy Tower A great try to make our environment more green. The Canopy Tower, Hong Kong. You can use bonsai tree on your building.

многоквартирные дома с террасами с понижением этажности: 24 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

The Amazing Glass Balcony Pool is a design proposed for the ISM Parinee Ohm Tower, a 30 story luxury condominium tower in Mumbai, India. The tower was designed by Hong Kong based James Law Cybertecture. via what the cool

Uma selva vertical no meio da cidade. Esse foi o conceito que norteou o projeto do arquiteto italiano Stefano Boeri para criar esse arranha-céu residencial em Lausanne, na Suíça. A torre de 117 metros contará com mais de 100 árvores de cedro, 6.000 arbustos e 18.000 plantas, totalizando um espaço verde de aproximadamente 3.000 metros quadrados. Por isso, o nome La Tour des Cedres ou The Cedar Trees Tower é totalmente apropriado.

Um arranha-céu com 3.000m² de verde

Stefano Boeri, an Italian architect with an affinity for innovative green structures, is set to build a apartment tower in Lausanne, Switzerland, that will be the first building in the world to be covered in evergreen trees.

Oxygen EcoTower, 2016 - Progetto CMR

“Oxygen Eco-tower, your villa in the sky”. The design strategy aims at upgrading the traditional concept of villas, through a new residential tower reflecting a sustainable vision that develops upwards, to minimize the use of the soil in.

Azerbaijan Tower

Grand Project in Azerbaijan: The Skyscrapers of 1050 Meters and 41 Artificial Islands! Developers in Azerbaijan are planning to build a kilometer-high tower that would, obviously, be the world’s tallest.

Jiulong Waterfall - Hong Kong | Full Dose

Jiulong Waterfall - Hong Kong

Jiulong Waterfall - Hong Kong, places to visit travel guide, travel ideas, luxury destinations, expensive traveling

Pearl River Tower is a clean-technology skyscraper in Guangzhou, China.

Pearl River Tower: a torre sustentável gigante da China [ilustração]

Oxygen Eco-tower - photo Progetto CMR- Picture Gallery. "A residential building of 75 floors with 161 villas. The sustainable vision here is to upgrade the concept of villas developing upwards to minimize the use of the soil in high density cities."

The Oxygen Eco-Tower By Progetto CMR Engineering Integrated Services S.] Jakarta, Indonesia "Public's Award" at MIPIM Awards 2015 Concept : "your villa in the sky".

Diamond Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia designed by Buruoj Engineering Consultant :: 93 floors, height 432m :: on hold

Diamond Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia designed by Buruoj Engineering Consultant :: 93 floors, height :: on hold - under construction