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The Couples That Are "Meant To Be" Are The Ones Who Go Through Everything That Is meant To Tear Them Apart And Come Out Even Stronger Than They Were Before. Relationship Quotes Love Quoets

❤️👸🏻 I find this to be very intelligent and I never thought about it that way. Good advice for us and everyone

This saying. Trust me, there are some nights that he isn't my best friend. I love him, but this saying is a lie. Marriage is marrying your best friend, and loving him so much you let him sleep over.

Since the middle of sixth grade I have been inseparable with my bestfriend. We may have fights, we may hate eachother at times, but no one. Coukd ever take her place. We will always be friends no matter how many monthes it takes to get back together. Lexie Jill Haas. «3